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Amanda Hawk | 2018 | Artworks

Thirty Fine & Fly

For my 35th birthday, I decided to create a “thirty-fine and fly” story book with six of my favorite photographers and makeup artists cum friends.

This decision started with a thought and then ideas started rolling in little by little. I ended up with seven moodboards and some sketches for team @rekana.co

Each photographer’s moodboard represents the different elements of my life and a vision board for the next phase of my life. The golden babe by Teezah, the sustainable babe by Lanre Ayorinde, Conversations with the sea by Sniper Ajix, the super cool boss babe by Uche Odoh, the Afro-modernist by Sunmisola Olorunnisola, and photosynthesis by August Udoh.

My life is a movie created and produced by God. Screenplay, God. Director, God. Cinematographer, ME. All this fanciness aside, all I am is grateful. Grateful for everything and uncountable blessings.