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How do I feel? Like how do I really really feel turning 33? Do I feel fulfilled? Or what do I have, not have, or need to feel fulfilled?

Not me! I said this as someone in the room said, just forget about it he would get away with it. Another friend asked “What do you want to do” and another friend was on a three-way phone call with another friend who’s saying he saw me take a drink from another table that night. Again, that’s not me!

I never expect the law (the police and judicial arm) to be of much use in going after the criminal I suspect. So how do I report that I had been attacked. In my mind I was left with two choices: curse this stranger out OR call him out on social media and speak up about what happened to me so other women can be more aware.

The past few days has been a roller coaster of bland confused emotions, nausea and other effects of whatever spiked substances in my body, feelings of floating and sleepiness which has helped me consciously ignore and not respond to uncouth comments. I went out, my drink was spiked (which is a personal violation) and I am expected to be ashamed of myself? Not me!

I hate this type of attention. Nobody loves it any way. But there was a time, not so long ago, that the idea of being misunderstood, tainted in a bad light would have made me uncomfortable at the very least or, quite possibly, terribly depressed about having a bad image or reputation. 

One comment said “keep quiet, how much do you have in your account that you say you are equal to any man. “

Another commenter said “…. you are not that attractive for this story you are pedalling. Stop drinking cheap alcohol, or better stay at home like your peers who are married and responsible”

And more than 250 comments said “thank you for sharing your story”.

At 33 which do you think gives me peace of mind most?

Not because of its popularity or compliments but simply because at 33, I can do whatever I say I want to do, say whatever I want to say and choose whoever I choose to be with.

Silence? That’s not me!
That’s not the woman I wanted to be.
That’s not the woman I would become.

And that’s not the type of women I want around me.

Guys, It’s clear that we live in a world with terrible people and staying safe is up to each of us. If you are an extrovert like me, love to gout and attend events, our best bet is to keep a close eye on your drinks and food as they make their way to us, and don’t ever leave them unguarded without at least being under the watchful eye of someone you know you can trust.

May God continue to keep and guide us. Amen

  • Photography:

    Tope Horpload

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  • Location:

    Traffic Restaurant