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Amanda Hawk | 2018 | Artworks

California Dreams

I fell in love with California. That love had nothing to do with the must-visit famous spots in and around Los Angeles area, or the superficial people I met there (fake energy, I experienced my first ever upfront racial discrimination, and everyone seems to be in search of a healthy lifestyle so non-vegan food is expensive and in tiny portions ?). It wasn’t my first visit and even though I had always thought it would be as diversified and energetic as New York, it was the multiple beautiful views, the unique personalities of each structure/plants in various colors, and the beautiful sunset that bring out my little melanin glow that I fell in love with. Will I be back again? Sure! But in the meantime, thank you for the beautiful sunny photos L.A.

I’m currently on a long vacation and visited LA where I spent thirteen days visiting one of my closest pals Elma Godwin to help her set up her studio apartment. Can you believe Elma who’s transitioning from TV Hosting to Acting went to New York Film Academy in New York to attend their 8 weeks Film for Acting course completely fell in love with acting, and decided to further her studies in their LA branch for another one year, without taking a break?

Me: How’s L.A and the school here?
Elma:At first I missed New York, the people, the energy and my course mates. L.A is more chilled. I have to go to school from Monday to Saturday, do assignments daily, can’t move around easily, I need a bicycle or a car asap, and if I’m not in school it’s all about staying in and not out. I have a love/hate relationship with the weather but I love it here. I’ve always wanted to move to California. And besides, after spending a week with old friends in San Francisco and swimming in New Port beaches, I’m so over L.A “great outdoors” and super excited I would be spending about a few months here. Sharon, this is the dream

I wasn’t sure if it was the Elma I knew or this is another version. It felt a little better than a vacation if you ask me. I had spent three days sleeping in her room with a mountain view, writing my to-dos and post-vacation resolutions, shopping online and going to Walmart for home goods, going for a run around or walking through Toluca Hills where she lived, and attempting to take a step back from my daily life. But I knew I didn’t have 24 months here. The weather is confusing – it’s freezing in the morning and night yet consistently sunny and super hot during the day but cool under the shade, meaning you have to pack winter and summer clothes together, which I wasn’t ready for.

So what is it about LA that draw people to this city from all over the world and make California a fun place to travel – the chance that you might spot a celebrity (which I didn’t) or may experience a Hollywood production (which I did), beaches, amusement parks, museums, movie attractions, and in my opinion it’s creativity and innovation.

I toured the city while she was busy at school and experienced L.A nightlife. It almost felt like saying I was thinking about retirement to a city with slower pace. L.A is different but it doesn’t mean I have to stop dreaming about working with stars. I know I can live this dream anywhere but there’s also that creativity and innovation about L.A that I would love to show you from this trip, and yes, maybe, one day I will join Elma there. After all, we are business partners.

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    Holiday 2018