Griffin huh?

I am a multifaceted creative with a keen interest in the business of fashion, the art of storytelling through multimedia platforms, and human-centered design.

I currently have eleven years of experience working with clients in the fashion, entertainment, and tech industries. My work spans across fashion styling, website management, television production, retail management, creative direction, public relations, social media, magazine editing, and event production. 

My first kind of stint into tech was becoming a fashion blogger – building a personal brand and designing my friend’s online presence. I’m intrigued by the simplicity of colors and have proficient knowledge in the use of Canva and WordPress.

I recently found myself especially interested in Product design. I have just completed the Google UX Design Certificate (a rigorous, hands-on program covering the design process from end to end) to refine my knowledge and firm up my skills. I am ready for UX Design roles and open to opportunities where collaboration is vital in producing the best result – working in various areas such as ideation, visual design, research, and launch.


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UX Design

User Research, Wireframing, Mockup, Prototyping, Testing, and Final Responsive Design Launch.

creative consultancy

consultancy for Brand DNA, Visuals, Rebrand, Design System, Social Media Aesthetics, and Content Direction

content production

pre and post content production, strategy, distribution for TV, film & digital.


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The SO Series

THE SO SERIES is a youtube channel into my world; my work, the few things I know so well I can teach, the new things I’m learning everyday, the wonderful people I meet, and my journey into the business of fashion and technology.