First, you have to understand I had no ‘strategy’ of posing with a book for a post title and a thought-provoking note leading you to buy a book. It just happened that me and my production crew had driven and got stuck in traffic for more than an hour to Ikorodu to shoot Meks Bespoke lookbook in a studio, and in between the shoot photographer Dennis decided to use me to set his lights and that led to a session inspired by Kenichi Ohmaes’ infamous “Mind of a Strategist” book.

It wasn’t my first time seeing this book but I felt it was a sign to read it. The book is full of actual examples, with Ohmae not only revealing the secrets of Japanese business and strategic planning but exploring with the reader the ways in which the strategist must think, the key principles and thought patterns to use to move your brand forward

You should read it too. Available with delivery on AMAZON.

ddi-0154_origddi-0157-2ddi-0157unnamed_4unnamed-2_4Photography: Dennis Edison (@deladee_edison & @deladeeinnovations)
Meks Bespoke on Spice Lookbook Show aired few weeks ago and will be available soon on our youtube channel. Subscribe for more behind the scenes of designers Lookbook shoot.

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