Testimony time. Be inspired.

I’ve been thinking to share this testimony here or not. But knowing at least one person will be inspired, I had to. My motto has always been to rise, pray, grind and shine! I must get up from bed and RISE above any struggles, pray and in everything give thanks, work my a** out till I get what I want and prepare to always shine! God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test.

The week I announced I was launching my vlog series, my MacBook crashed. I shared this with you guys here and as at then it was still under repairs and not “crashed beyond repairs”. Few days later, Nonso (the repairer) fixing it calls to say I will need a new keyboard which will cost about N40 – N50K. From keyboard to another story that sounded like “hivl23r8[3q0;wthp0/iqw’DE-0TG’SJNZO1-=k.ehlw&!%^$E^@#BL/;sapdk-39*()P#%@_LDSJK” and made me a little weak.

I laughed out loud and said the devil is a joker. This is definitely a test as many I’ve seen. Anyone who knows me know my laptop is my boy best friend after Jesus. Don’t even invite me for a party, I just might show up with my laptop, to work and vibe with you. That’s how close I keep my laptop, he goes with me everywhere.

I had just quit my job, renewed my rent and the savings I had left in my account was already planned out for my next four month survival. I barely had anything saved for a new or even used macbook laptop (that I’m used to). I didn’t see this coming. No one plans for these things to happen. How do I blog and vlog consistently now? What do I tell my clients. When can I afford another laptop? What can I sell to get a laptop running. I had so many thoughts and questions going through my head but I refused to allow them worry me or bring me down, let alone use this an excuse not to continue what I started with THE SO Series. 

I remembered my first windows laptop was somewhere around the house, brought it out and got to work. I managed through it not-responding and shutting down every hour, deleting files on its own even though there was anti-virus. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.

To cut this long story short, the past few months has been a struggle. I’ve been working from my phone, dropbox, saving files, a flash drive, borrowing friends laptop at every chance I get to access these files and doing what I needed to do when I needed to do it. (Thank you so much to Lara Cole for leaving your laptop with me so many times. I’m so grateful as I type this with your laptop as well)

Guess what guys? My former production assistant who left for film school earlier this year got back this week and had a gift for me. We had chatted about how stressful work has been not having a laptop and he promised getting me a macbook when he gets back in June. To be honest, I didn’t believe him. I wasn’t sure what I did to/for him to deserve such kindness. A macbook cost nothing less than N500k. Nothing goes for nothing these days, so what really are his intentions?  So it skipped my mind and I wasn’t expecting anything. All I can say is My Olowogboboro has started doing it and may God bless the work of the hands of my sponsor, Prosper Okeowo (sorry I had to out you on blast).






Images were taken on set ELANRED SPRING/SUMMER 2017 CAMPAIGN

Images by  @Tope_Horpload | Jacket and tees by @iaflabel | Pant by @GalasiaCloset (all available at @ElanredStore


  1. Elemdee says:

    Now that’s a testimony. You inspire me Shamazing

  2. reqe says:

    amazing. really hoping to work with you some day. you inspire me a lot.

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