Take me back to Osogbo, signing up for 2days Yoga Adventure tour to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls and Osun Sacred grove heritage site was one of the best experiences ever! It was so awesome that I now stalk @YogawithStacey and @SocialPrefect @SocialPrefectTours for updates on their next tours.

Registration was quite affordable. And by affordable I mean I have been saving for a much-needed holiday since last year, and between the naira to dollar exchange rate blues, quitting my job, going back to my drawing table and getting back to being an ‘entrepreneur’, my holiday has been postponed till further notice and this was a perfect getaway with strangers.

We took off on African time but they had a goodie bag with a little personal note for everyone from Stacey to warm our hearts as we waited for the late comers.


Thank you Stacey.

After take off, we had breakfast, played fun games getting to get familiar with each other and lots of music, for the 4hrs drive to our first stop, Erin Iesha Waterfalls.

Erin Ijesha Waterfalls is a stunning assemblage of seven waterfalls spread across two states with each level having a flowing fountain that marks the mystical nature of the place and providing a whole new outlook compared to the previous level.

We hiked up the waterfalls and swam different levels. A few of us made it to level 3 and wanted to go further but called it a day and joined our fellow Yogis for a swim, some aqua yoga and the shower of blessings on level 2.

By the way, this short adventure was my first ever attempt at yoga.

After we had a good amount of that awe inspiring experience with nature, we hit the road and had lunch/dinner in the bus while heading back to our hotel in Osogbo. Who knew we were lodging at the iconic Nike Davies-Okundaye (Nike Art Gallery)’s home surrounded by traditional weaving, dying, colourful batiks and paintings (or so we all thought until day break we discovered we were also surrounded by a garden)
We settled in to our different rooms, came out for some more refreshing and meditative Yin yoga, then had dinner (variety of local made food, fruits, etc) and then music, dance, karaoke and movie night!

We got up at 7am and did some more yoga in the garden before breakfast and day 2 of our tour.

Who else will I be if I’m not the girl who will take pictures in the garden before saying goodbye to Osogbo.

Osun Sacred Grove
Osun State is home to the late priestess (Iya Adunni) of Osogbo Scared Groove – a sacred forest along the banks of the Osun river and known internationally for their Osun/Osogbo festival which holds annually in the state.

We were given a tour guide and charged N500 person and N500 for each mobile phone (You know that didn’t happen)



Images were taken with an iPhone and edited with Snapseed.



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