There’s something about neutral colors that’s so appealing and complimentary on all skin tones, now making head-to-toe neutral outfits a choice for classy and trendy women alike. In short, neutral tones are the building blocks of any woman’s well-rounded wardrobe if I have to say.

As we kick off this new week and anticipate our 2-days Ramadan holiday, instead of scrambling in the morning trying to find the perfect Monday outfit or something suitable to throw together, here’s my two cent of a fresh take on office wear and a little inspiration for mixing and matching neutrals with what you already own, and armed with the power of having a well tailored blazer in your closet.

horp6916horp6896horp6893horp6900horp6905First, pantsuits are a must have in your wardrobe. It’s versatile enough to go from the office to date night, or wear the pant with a different top and the blazer in several other ways like I did with my Obsidian power suit jacket I wore HERE.

  • Give your neutral look some dynamics by mixing neutral colors like beige, caramel, cognac, brown, taupe, etc.
  • To avoid keeping your corporate style from looking matchy-matchy like Kim Kardashian, wear different shades in a way you still have an outfit to flaunt when you ditch the jacket after-hours.
  • Unlike me, you can also pair you neutral look with expensive looking luxurious accessories, to give your look becomes that glamorous, effortless and minimalistic feel.
  • Show some skin. This will give the little contrast that you need between your skin and your clothing.



I had worn this look months back for the Dress me outlet press luncheon and just switched it up a bit for my blog shoot.

The key to having more outfits isn’t about having more clothes and accessories in your closet or keeping a folder of various complex yet stunning combinations by celebrities or fashion bloggers, but rather having more pieces you can wear multiple ways. So instead of focusing on quantity or elaborate fashion formulas, focus on a few versatile items you can wear in different ways.

Photography: Tope Adenola (@Tope_Horpload)
Makeup: Lawrencia Owusu (@Lawrebabe)
Location: M Suites, Accra
P/S – The button on my pants popped when we were already on location to this look. I must have had more than enough for lunch and the only choice I had was to pin it.

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