Over the past years since I launched my blog, I’ve seen my statistics drop so low and I’ve seen it rise so many times. I’ve had readers and friends from all over the world who have followed my ‘inconsistent’ journey of blogging till date. The love has been real, but one thing is missing – your comments. I have always prayed to find a way to improve our communication. I yearn to read your comments, opinions and feelings, tell me I’m not alone, and most importantly I want to know you (where you are from, where you live and what you do), maybe some day meet and collaborate. But let’s start from somewhere.

Even though sometimes I think I’m writing to myself, or sometimes I feel it’s just one reader, I see all the faithful and casual readers- both old and new and appreciate your love (I pray to never take you for granted) and like I’ve learned, if Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mohammed.

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Hi, I’m Sharon Ojong.
Most of my friends call me Shamazing. I’m not sure what they really mean by half Sharon + half amazing, but I like it, so you can call me Shamazing.
I’m from Cross River State, Nigeria.
I’m a Creative Director, Content Producer and an inconsistent fashion blogger.
My life is in this order
and the only G.


How about you? Come on, lets get to sharing with each other!



P/S – If you are a vlogger/blogger, please share your blog and youtube link.


  1. Hey Sharon,
    I am Konyinsola Daramola and my friends call me Konyin. I’m from Osun state Nigeria. A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger at
    God number for me, then family, friends, fashion and food.
    I love your sense of style and your personality. Sometimes I don’t even notice the inconsistency when you blog cause you always stay relevant. Keep doing you babe

    • SO says:

      Hi Konyin,
      Thank you for the kind words. Grateful to hear that. I loove your blog. So informative! I couldn’t find where to subscribe though.

  2. Oluwaseun Raphael says:

    Hello SHAMAZING!!!
    My name is Oluwaseun Raphael. I’m from Ogun state and partly Delta state, my friends call me “Mr. magic”.
    I am a Pro Photographer with kin interest in fashion, lifestyle, weddings and documentary. I am also very much interested in acting, directing and film making as a whole.

    I am a born entrepreneur.

  3. Kiki Mordi says:

    Hey Sharon. Your site looks amazing.

  4. Lindalucy Iroawula says:

    Hi Shamazing!
    My name is Lindalucy, my friends call me LULU. I’m a malabress and I guess you are too. I own a travel agency/cleaning outfit called LINDAL PRISTINE LIMITED in Abuja. I love fashion! Awesome site you’ve got here. Entrepreneur is the key!
    Keep doing what you love.

    • SO says:

      Hey Lulu!
      Proudly a malabress as well.
      Go Girl! May God crown your efforts with His Glory, success and prosperity.
      Thank you for the kind words

  5. Adeoye Adewale says:

    Hello Shamazing,
    My name Adeoye Adewale, have got nicks you can call me stretch or dewalenoni. I’m from Lagos state.
    I’m an aspiring OAP, VJ anything that links up with the entertainment world I’m in yo!. Have been your fan for a while now from twitter, my handle is dewalenoni.
    I admire your works every damn time, you are very good with what you do..
    Lastly, your legs are yummy!!!

  6. Glory says:

    Hi Home girl. I’m Glory Ekanem. This days, my friends call me Penzrah. ..well Penzrah is my brand name. I’m a fashion designer and fashion school owner/teacher. We met twice at lagos during d fashion week and weekend respectively. You’ve got an amazing personality-shamazing

  7. Arit Okpoyo Okon says:

    Hey Beautiful Sharon,

    This is Arit. Ubi’s former PA & former TripleMG’s Cook/Chef…
    It’s been a while.
    I admire your work and I hope someday we’ll get to work together hopefully, in the nearest future…
    You already know where I’m from so I’m guessing there’s no need for further introduction.
    I’m currently fulfilling my dreams & passion by working as a chef in an Italian restaurant in UAE’s Capital, Abu Dhabi.
    All the best my love…

  8. The Zenith says:

    Hello Shamazing, Youve always been amazing, Such an amazing personality, creative and protective…

  9. Bridget Eserifa says:

    Hi Sharon.
    My name is Bridget but my close friends call me Bree, hence the business name Bree’s Aura. @brees_aura
    I’m from Bayelsa state but I live in Lagos.
    I’m an entrepreneur.
    I’m a designer and the owner of Bree’s Aura.
    We design headpieces with different fabrics even aso oke.
    I’d really love to collaborate with you.
    Thank you.

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