De-stressing in Lagos is not a hassle for me. Seeing as we are surrounded by an ocean(some streets in Lagos have oceans btw) that spreads across various local beaches and islands with beautiful beach houses. Living in Lagos, you are sure to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday afternoon on the beach with friends on every other weekend.

Although the beach is a cliche weekend getaway – there’s always a beach party or two to every Saturday or Sunday to attend, and that’s if you or your friends were invited to one. You get half-naked ready to bask in the sun, get to the jetty even when it’s threatening to rain heavy, get on the boat and ride for another 20 to 30 minutes, depending on which beach houses you’re going.

For me, a perfect weekend is wherever there’s plenty food, music, wine and good vibes. So whether I’m spending the day or night on the beach with friends, working at or attending an event, chilling at one of my favourite places in Lagos (@Ayovanelmar_FashionCafe), spending time at home alone and pretending to rest yet I’m working, if there’s music, good food and wine, more food and the people around me have great vibes, my stress level reduces to one (the point I think a vacation away from the norm is all I need for it to get to zero). And in the absence of the least which I believe is food, then I will be stressed.

It’s all about food, ease and improving for me. Taking it easy with myself and those around me, learning more skills I’ve always wanted to have and expecting nothing less than positive vibes most of the time.

And that’s how I simply de-stress lately. How about you?


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Look 2
Palazzo: @AmarelisAtelier | Blouse: @AyovanElmar


Look 3
@AnneJacobOfficial | Trouser: @Kale.Kulema

Images shot by @Ellisoft | Location: @Ayovanelmar_Fashioncafe terrace

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