Happy new month my darlings!!! I hope your week started well and pray the month of MARCH will be your best month yet!

This past week has been stressful and amazing at the same time for me. Working on a new project I can’t wait to share with you guys. Please keep refreshing, subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my snapchat (TheSharonOjong) and instastories (@SharonOjong) to be amongst the first to get updates. Thank you always!

So by now you already know how much I love mixing and matching prints. I think its existence in fashion is timeless and undisputable, and it’s so much fun to mix and match pieces you never thought would look good together even though this look is about two all time classic patterns from the world of fashion!

I wore this look to visit family and friends during my New Year holiday in calabar last December. The stripe top and polka dots is absolutely one of my favorite purchases of 2017 so far. I actually shopped the whole look (except neckpiece and sunglasses) in Calabar. The pants was N5,000, the top was N3,500 (both from my favorite “market boutiques” in Calabar) and the shoes was from @LeyiUsh
Visiting that “market boutique” brought back memories of how my friends and I will starve for days because Uchman had travelled to get new stock. Then when he gets back, we will be at his store the next day as early as 7am before our first class at 8am so we could be amongst the first set of customers to see what he brought back. Haha

sharon-012 sharon-013 sharon-015 sharon-016 sharon-017 sharon-018 sharon-021

I didn’t buy the pants and top because they were on sale. And not only because I think vertical stripes, polka dots and high-waist pants are wardrobe must-haves, this look proves again that it doesn’t matter where you shop, as long as you pick the right materials and textures you can make any outfit look like a million naira. It’s powerful, clean, chic, perfect for work (just take off the neckpiece and throw on a plain blazer) or get playful like I did pairing my outfit with an unexpected neckpieces and ankara bangles for an edgy-chic vibe. .

             Photography: @Ellisoft | Makeup: @AdellaMakeup | Neckpiece: @Bland2Glam | Sunglasses: @LeRevePieces

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