My sincere apologies I’ve been MIA. Straight to the truth and my current situation;

I contracted someone in Ghana to work on my website relaunch new design. He transferred my host to ipage and designed on weebly cloud – a drag and drop web software for DIY. Why he did that, I never understood as I asked him severally during the development stage and he said to trust him, this was the ‘new cool’ for blogging. So I trusted him more than I should have.

He did not only destabilize my content management system, he handed over an incomplete website design without tutoring me on how to get a hang of this new platform (after receiving full payment), leaving me to hire a new designer who had to clean up his mess and work on the site to where it is right now. Weebly cloud is not blogger-friendly as you cannot update on-the-go or publish more than once in an hour.

We’ve decided to transfer back to the bluehost and wordpress we are accustomed to. So I promise, this break is only to make my blog more interesting, interactive and up-to-date, it is for you to enjoy every content created just for you. Please bear with me as this wouldn’t take time.

Thank you for your patience, for subscribing and for always checking back. If you haven’t subscribed, please please do!

I always look forward to your feedbacks and comments.


Photography: Tope Horpload (@Horpload_Works)
Outfit: Kale & Kulema (
Location: Sailor’s Lounge

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