How many of us adore the double denim trend and can’t get enough of it? And how many of us think distressed denim can’t look sleek and chic? Well, worn the right way, your tattered and torn jeans can look anything but sloppy. And if you are like me who love the trend and would pay a reasonable good amount for a good-looking ripped on bleached blue denim, then totally ignore those who think distressed jeans can’t give you a polished look.

Even though we all crave a pair of jeans that would be comfortable, easy to accessorize, perfectly fit to be worn everywhere and anytime, deconstructed denim is not for the fainthearted, but are so easy to match with everything you have in your closet.

I paired my open-knees bleached blue boyfriend denim with an equally daring distressed denim shirtdress in darker blue, and added Amarelis white kimono for an informal work wear look.


8590138_orig6803930_origUnsure on how to keep your tattered look polished? Here are few reminders on how to choose the perfect boyfriend jeans and how denim can lend itself to a polished look.

  • First of all, when buying boyfriend jeans ensure it has a cuffed bottom. Like mine, you can easily cuff it by folding the hems up one inch, and then roll them once without making them look too perfectly done.
  • The basic rule for wearing denim on denim is ensuring the washes and colours are completely different from each other. Read more on this post
  • Even though you want a relaxed fit, when buoying a pair make sure you go for one that doesn’t look too over-sized or slouchy. Let it flatter your curves.
  • Belt really goes a long way when wearing boyfriend jeans. You don’t want the waist going too low like a 90s hiphop head
  • Wear your boyfriend jeans with a pair of sneakers and a tucked in top. And if you want to avoid a tomboy-ish look, swap your sneakers with heels
  • Stay away from too tight or too over-sized tops. In short the best way to give your boyfriend jeans some feminine vibe is by pairing it with a girly top and a pair of pointee heels

Denim trouser: Marshalls
Denim shirtdress: Thrift Market, Accra
Kimono: @AmarelisAtelier (Amarelis stocks at Elanred Store – 15b Victoria Ariobeke Street, Lekki 1, Lagos.

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