I recently took a much-needed R and R. The plan was to visit family I haven’t seen in a while in Abuja and as usual touch base with creatives in the cities. My whole vacation didn’t go as planned and I will be telling you all about it in a series of images shot with two Abuja based photographers.

Big H Studio’s was a perfect creative workspace for me. A game of chess on the corner, gospel music playing in the background and just enough studio props to roll up my TV Producer sleeves.

“What would you like to be remembered for? That’s the question someone asked me recently. The answer to this question would go a long way in determining what your doing now and how your doing what your doing. I wouldn’t want to be remembered for the images I’ve created. There’s something more for me. What is it for you? What would u like to be remembered for?” – Henry Oji

I wouldn’t want to be remembered for the clothes I wear or the images I created. I would like to be remembered for the lives I’ve changed through setting an example of chasing your dreams, putting in work and helping others work towards their own dreams.

How about you? What’s in it for you?


Images: Henry Oji (@BigHStudios)
Dress & Shoes: www.missguidedus.com

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