Happy new month guys! May all your previous failures turn into success.
Last week in recap was simply awesome. A tour to Badagry opened my eyes and heart more to a different meaning of freedom. It’s such a shame that our brothers sold us to the white men for as cheap as 40 human beings for one umbrella, 100 humans for one cannon, 10 for 1 ceramic plate, and more, in the 18th century. But like the legendary Nelson Mandela said “For to be free is not merely by casting off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others“. Africa has come a long way since then and what’s more appreciative is how women have become more vocal to the things our fathers and fore-fathers silenced. Women are not taking it anymore. No shaming speaking up against domestic violence. As more women speak up, we might be mocked but we stand up for our daughters.

Having been to Calabar slave museum and now Badagry which has a lot to see and know about Nigeria’s history also, it’s safe to say the slave trade affects even generations till date. So much to fix and education is needed.

In Badagry you’ll find the first story building and primary school in Nigeria, lessons about slave trade from Mobee Slave Museum, Verekete Shrine, Slave route, Point of no return and a beachside where you can relax, meditate, eat locally made palm wine and bushmeat, and purchase cute souvenirs for friends/family.

I made new friends, had an awesome time with Asake Oge who invited me, and everyone on our tour. I hope to create more time to know about Africa’s history.

Some images were shot and edited with my Canon50D and some images were taken by @Tope_Horpload. I bet you can tell the difference.

Are you going on a tour soon? Hit me up, I just might be free!

Dress: BOWTTONsbyLuch (@BowttonsbyLuch)

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