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2017 is finally over! It was a year that brought some wild/exciting phases and times along with it and rushed away like a blink. Or was it just me? Feels like yesterday we said Happy New Year, and yet a lot of incredible things have happened – with myself/business, my friends, my work and around our society in general that has me numb but thankful and hopeful for greater things to come. There were some milestones for me. I left my fabulous job at Spice TV to chase my dreams. Started the SO Series, experienced the cons of entrepreneurship, took a long break which gave me time to spend time with family and creatively realize more things, and now looking forward to 2018 and how far I’ve come, 2017 was simply about building and growth.

As the year ends, I’m indeed thankful for no loss in my family but three additions (two girls and a boy) making it nine grand children in total.
I’m thankful I am surrounded by friends with hearts made of gold and positive vibes.
In short, I’m thankful for everything and pray for a fruitful and fulfilling 2018 filled with happiness and contentment.

– When life hands you lemon, squeeze it, put it in a glass of water and drink up. You will piss it out. (Btw, lemon in water is one of my daily routine)
– The real queens and bosses don’t need to brag, shout their titles or need your validation. They don’t need hashtags, descriptions and titles to wear their crown or be a boss. By their prints you will know them.
– That the road to success is clouded by many things but mostly delayed by fear. If you want to start or create something, you can if you care less what anyone thinks of your idea or how it will fail.

– The world is approaching the point where there’s no room for online or offline bullying anymore. Standards of beauty has changed and what wasn’t talked about before is now a trending topic. #EndRape #EndViolentMarriages.
– I no longer have time to explain myself to anyone, and need to start speaking up for what I stand for #SelfEmpowerment SayNoToRape #SayNotoChildandWomenAbuse
– The best time is now. You start with what you have, where you are and whoever brings something to the table.

2018 GOALS
A few of my 2018 wishlist includes to have;

  • a closer relationship with God
  • more time for family. Blood is thicker than water
  • a can-do attitude
  • a creative culture to generate ideas
  • an attitude that celebrate success
  • more investments and less expenditure
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • more pride in my work
  • less worry less and more praises.

As we prepare to start a new year full of plans and possibilities, I wish you great success in achieving your dreams and goals.
Thank you for sticking with me this 2017 and supporting my cause.



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